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Johann Sebastian Bach - Биография композитора на английском.

Johann Sebastian Bach was born to a very talented, musical family; many of his family members and ancestors as well were musical composers and performers.

His father, Johann Ambrosius Bach, was a violinist and trumpeter. At merely the age of ten, he became an orphan and began living with his older brother. He began studying and performing music at Ohrdruf, where his brother worked. Later, in 1703, he became the court musician in the chapel of Duke Johann Ernst in Weimar.

A few years later, in 1723, he was given the opportunity to become the musical director of Thomaskirche, or St. Thomas’s Lutheran Church in Leipzig, where he instructed children in singing and in Latin as well.

He composed music weekly for the two churches. Bach’s style was known to be very open; he improvised often at the keyboard, and his music had a sort of fluency in contrapuntal invention.

Most of his compositions had detailed notation, but he left some works open as far as its instrumentation, such as in The Art of Fugue. Throughout his life, he was exposed to a lot of German music, and it influenced him greatly.

Johann Sebastian Bach

He had a very close relationship with Lutheran liturgy, and consequently, a major portion of his music was considered sacred music. Johann Sebastian Bach’s compositions immensely contributed to what is known as the baroque genre.

Two of his most famous works include the St Matthew Passion and The Art of Fugue. He had many organ works, and composed many preludes, fantasias, toccatas, chorale preludes, and fugures.

He also wrote many works for the harpsichord, and he composed many works for orchestral and chamber music, including pieces for solo instruments, such as sonatas and partitas. In addition, he composed vocal and choral works, and performed a cantata every week at the Thomaskirche, as well as composed several to perform each week.

What Bach was probably best known for, was his talent as an organist, and his compositions for the organ. He was one of the greatest composers of his time, and was admired by many well-known composers, including Mozart, Beethoven, and Chopin.



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