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Ludwig van Beethoven- Биография композитора на английском.

Ludwig van Beethoven, one of the greatest composers of all time, was born on December 16, 1770 in Bonn, Germany. His first instruction in music was from his father.

At a young age, he traveled to Vienna, where he quickly became known as a piano virtuoso. In the early period of his career, he was greatly influenced by Haydn and Mozart, which can be seen through his compositions. In this time, he composed his first and second symphonies, six string quartets, two piano concertos, and twenty piano sonatas. In the middle period of his career, he struggled through personal problems with his hearing, and his work portrayed his struggle.

The late period of his career was a very experimental one, and was immensely artistic and deep as far as its expression. Works such as his Ninth Symphony were created in this period. His life was very uneasy, however, for he struggled with deafness from the early age of 28. He became depressed, and he suffered with poor health until his demise, on March 26, 1827.Beethoven contributed greatly to classical music, and was regarded as one of the most essential composers through the transition from Classical to Romantic eras in the history of music.

Ludwig Van Beethoven

It is somewhat controversial as to whether Ludwig van Beethoven was a Romantic composer, or a Classical composer, but the works that he did create were magnificent and highly influential to admirers and contemporary composers alike. He redefined symphonies, and recreated them, allowing them to be more open ended in form, and less structured.

His symphonies broke the rigid rule of having only a certain number of movements, for he believed that symphonies should incorporate as many movements as necessary to conclude the work beautifully with a sense of finality.

Beethoven was known and is still known today as one of the greatest composers in the history of classical music. Although he lost his hearing in his late twenties, he continued to create and compose masterpieces that would last until centuries later. In spite of his deafness, he created music that resonated beautifully to the ears of all audiences alike.



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