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Joseph Martin Kraus - Биография композитора на английском.

Joseph Martin Kraus, a great composer and musician, was born on June 20, 1756 in Miltenberg am Main, Germany. He was sometimes regarded as the “Swedish Mozart.”

He was born to parents, Joseph Bernhard Kraus and Anna Dorothea nee Schmidt. Joseph was born into a rather large family; he had thirteen other brothers and sisters, but seven of them did not survive past their youth. His father was a civil clerk, and moved the family because he found a position as a clerk in Buchen.

The family relocated, and Kraus attended his first formal education at Buchen. He studied music under the instruction of Georg Pfister and Bernhard Franz Wendler. Later, he attended the Jesuit Gymnasium and Music Seminar and studied music along with German and Latin.

His parents wished him to study law, but Kraus wanted to continue his education in music, and devoted his time to his studies at the University of Erfurt. At the university of Erfurt, music, most especially Catholic and evangelistic music was very dominant and popular. At age 22, he moved to Stockholm, Sweden, where he suffered through a very rough time for the first few years.

Joseph Martin Kraus

His opera was not recognized by the Royal Swedish Academy of Music, and at first, King Gustav III of Sweden did not pay heed to his music. After the performance of his opera Proserpina, he received recognition and acceptance from the King, and he was appointed Kapellmeister. He went on a five year Grand Tour of Europe, and during this trip, he attempted to learn all that he could about music.

He met many other composers and musicians, including Joseph Haydn and Johann George Albrechtsberger. He dedicated one of his symphonies to Joseph Haydn, but it is still a bit controversial as to which one he dedicated to him. Some believe he dedicated Symphony in D major, others believe it was Symphony in C minor. After his return, he was made a director at the Royal Academy of Music. In December of 1792, Joseph Martin Kraus passed away from tuberculosis and was buried in Tivoli in Sweden.



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