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Топик Eating out.

Mimmi Hilton (Part 1)

This three-month-old restaurant has attracted attention because it is a restored, one hundred fifty-year-old mill. The decor is charming and warm in an Early American, country style. Although the tables and chairs are modern reproductions, there are enough authentic antique pieces at the entrance and on the walls to avoid the fake Disneyland look of some restorations.

The menu is also very American, though it is a bit too traditional for my taste. The menu also is very extensive, which always worries me because a large menu often means a large freezer. Although my dinner companions and I chose some things from the regular menu, we usually chose one of the day’s specials.

The most delicious main course we tried was the country stew which consisted of potatoes, carrots, peas, mushrooms, very tender beef, and – surprise! – some smoked pork sausage. Because top quality beef was used, it was unusually good. Among other well-prepared main courses was the fried chicken because it wasn’t cooked before and then re-heated. It was fresh and crisp.
The vegetables that came with the main courses were fresh but overcooked. The only exception was the string beans which were green and crisp (a mistake?).

Because the main courses are so large, there is really no need for an appetizer or soup. But for big eaters I can recommend the mixed salad. The clam chowder was tasty because it was home-made but it had no special distinction. The oysters on the half-shell were nicely served on a bed of ice, although I would prefer to have a better sauce for them.

If you can still eat dessert after all this plus rather good home-made bread and creamery butter, try the apple pie. The apples were juicy and firm and the pastry was light.

It’s hard to judge the service at this friendly restaurant. Because it was so crowded when I went, usually at 8 o’clock service was slow. The Reservation system doesn’t always work. On one occasion, someone took our reservation for dinner but didn’t have it when we arrived. This kind of thing can damage a restaurant’s reputation, although its food may be good.


New Fast Food Chain Arrives (Part 2)

The Nashville Super burger chain which started in the Tennessee city six years ago opened its first store here last weekend on Commerce Street between Grand and Taylor Streets. I was interested to see the connection between Nashville, the capital of country music and hamburgers. Would the burgers be Southern fried? Would they be served on biscuits or with grits? Would they be shaped like guitars? Well, I’ve been there twice and didn’t find any real difference between Nashville Super burgers and McDonald’s, Burger King or Wendy’s.

The place was so brightly lit that I wished I had brought my sun-glasses. Once I got used to the light I liked the green and orange decor, usually found in health food places. Because those colors mean yogurt and alfalfa sprouts, I felt good and almost healthy about having fast food. Also the place was spotlessly clean – almost antiseptic.

Although there were long lines, service was incredibly fast. The menu is limited to a variety of hamburgers, and prices are reasonable. I had the “Super-Duper-Burger” which was served with lettuce and tomato. Although the meat itself was rather gray and tasteless, the “secret relish” made it passable. The French fries were the best I’ve ever eaten at a fast food restaurant.

Everybody seemed to be drinking milkshakes, and although I usually shy away from them in fast food places I felt I should try one. It was thick and sweet – and there was probably not one drop of natural milk in it. Even though these may be low in cholesterol, I want the whole milk, real ice cream, and natural flavorings in my milkshakes. Although I am as concerned as anyone else about health, I’ll fight the cholesterol battle somewhere else.

Nashville Super burger is a sure bet when you’re downtown and in a hurry. I was in and out in ten minutes. It reminded me of a high-way filling station.
(from “American Streamline”)

Список слов к топику Eating out.

to attract attention – привлекать внимание
mill – мельница
charming – очаровательный
specials – фирменное блюдо
crisp – хрустящий
to judge – судить
occasion – случай, оказия
to damage – повредить, навредить
drop – капля


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