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Топик Kиев

Kyiv is the capital of Ukraine. It is one of the oldest cities of Europe and therefore there are many historical places in it. It was the capital of ancient Rus, cradle of three fraternal peoples – the Russian, the Ukrainian and the Byelorussian.

Nowadays it is a large political, industrial, scientific and cultural centre of Ukraine. Its population equals nearly 3 million people. It is the seat of the Supreme Rada and the Cabinet of Ministers.
Kyiv is famous not only for its history (it was called “the Mother of All Rus’ Cities”), but for its beauty, for the abundance of places of historic interest in it. It is situated on the picturesque banks of the Dnieper River.

Kyiv’s monuments of the past attract a lot of visitors. They are impressed by Kyiv-Pechersky Monastery which stands on the green hill above the Dnieper and its sparkling gold cupolas can be seen from outside the capital. The huge gateway from Vladimirskaya Street opens on the territory of another ancient monument – St. Sophia’s Cathedral which is a state architectural and historical preserve. It was found in 1036 during the reign of Yaroslav the Wise. On the other corner of Vladimirskaya Street you can see the Golden Gate. Shevchenko Memorial, Vydubetsky Monastery, Askold’s Grave, Church of St. Andrew are really worth sightseeing too. In the park of Immortal Glory there is a Tomb of Unknown Soldier, over which an eternal fire burns.

There are a lot of museums in Kyiv: the Historical Museum, the Museum of Ukrainian Art, the Museum of Russian Art, the Museum of Western and Oriental Art, Shevchenko Museum, Lesya Ukrainka Memorial Museum and others.

Kyiv is the centre of Ukrainian culture. Many research institutes and higher educational establishments are to be founded here. It is famous for its theatres and concert halls such as Taras Shevchenko Opera and Ballet Theatre, Musical Comedy Theatre, Puppet Theatre, Conservatoire and Philharmonics, the Concert Hall “Ukraine”. The performances staged at these theatres are always of great demand.

The picturesque green banks and hills, plentiful flowerbeds with millions of different flowers, wonderful beaches of the Dnieper, Kreshchatic, one of the widest and most beautiful streets in our country – all this adds up to the beauty of the Ukrainian capital.

Список слов к топику Kиев.

cradle – колыбель
abundance – изобилие
picturesque – живописный
to attract – привлекать
Kyiv-Pechersky Monastery – Киево-Печерская Лавра (монастырь)
Askold’s Grave – Аскольдова могила
Church of St. Andrew – церковь св. Андрея
the park of Immortal Glory – парк Вечной Славы
tomb – могила
Unknown soldier – Неизвестный солдат
eternal fire – вечный огонь
research – научно-исследовательский
beach – пляж


Главная / Топики / Города /Топик Kиев

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