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Топик Moscow.

Moscow is the capital of Russian. The history of Moscow is the history of Russia itself. In ancient times the country was even called Muscovia and the people Muscovites. The city of Moscow was founded in 1147 by Prince Yury Dolgoruky, who strengthen it with wooden walls and ditch.

Today Moscow is a huge city spread over a vast area of 878,7 square kilometers, but originally it was the morden Kremlin. According to the historians and chroniclers as far back as the 10-11-th centuries there was a small Slav village in the place of the present Kremlin, where craftsmen lived and worked. At the beginning of the 12-th century a small wooden fort, Kremlin, was put up there and this was how Moscow started. The highest government bodies have their offices in the Kremlin which is always seething with life. The centre of the city attracts millions of tourists and businessmen from this country and abroad.

On the south side of the central square is St. Basil’s Cathedral, a masterpiece of Russian architecture built in 1550-60 by Ivan the Terrible to commemorate the conquest of Kazan. Not far from it there is the History Museum. It is the country’s biggest exposition of the history of human society in what is now the territory of Russian. People who come to Moscow admire its beautiful broad streets and avenues lined with trees, old and new districts, Moscow’s museums, exhibitions and theatres. Theatre-goers who are lucky enough to get tickets may go to the Bolshoi Theatre to see an opera or a ballet there, or to the Maly Theatre, the second oldest theatre in Russian, which is the cradle of Russian realistic drama and the national school of acting.

Moscow is also a large scientific and industrial centre. There are a lot of educational establishments in the city but the largest and the most famous one is Moscow University which is situated on the picturesque hills and from there one can enjoy the most beautiful view of the whole city. The size and beauty of Moscow greatly impress the visitors and guests of the capital and it is always dear to the hearts of Russian people.

Список слов к топику Moscow

to found – основывать
to spread – простираться
craftsman – ремесленник
to put up – воздвигать, строить
to seethe with life – бурлить жизнью
to attract smb. – привлекать кого-либо
to commemorate smth. – праздновать, отмечать
the Cathedral built to commemorate the conquest of Kazan – собор построен в ознаменование взятия Казани
to admire smth. – восхищаться чем-либо
to be lucky - посчастливиться


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