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Топик The Movies Till Now

Griffith was the first to take stock of all the movies’ already existing devices – the close up, the use of the moving camera – and to create new ones. In the years from 1908 to 1913, he literally and single-handedly formed the language of cinema. He influenced and taught film-makers all over the world, and the filmic grammar he created is present, in some form or another, in every film you see today. In 1915 and 1916, with the movies still in their infancy, he created the screen’s first two masterpieces – “The  Birth of a Nation” and “Intolerance” – and turned a novelty and minor business into an international art and a major industry. A little more than half a century has gone by since then, and that art industry has made fantastic strides.

These first sixty years of movies have been so rich in artistry, beauty, dramatic expression, experiment and – above all – in solid entertainment that one wonders how on earth movies a hundred years hence can retain their magic, or  still find something fresh to say.

Those six decades of the movies have had their ups and downs to be sure. There have been times when the cinema seems to have had nothing to say.

But there have been periods of beauty and poetry too, and most of the film-making nations of the world have had their own particular Golden Ages. For example, for Scandinavia it was the late teens and early 20’s; the German cinema was at its peak in the mid of late 20’s; the French cinema in the early 30’s; the British film probably saw its finest hour during and after World War II.
(from “Film Review”, London)

Список слов к топику The Movies Till Now

stock – основа
to take a stock – инвентаризировать, делать переучет
exiting devices – существующие средства, приспособления
to create – творить, создавать
to influence – влиять, оказывать влияние
infancy – ранняя стадия развития; детство
masterpiece – шедевр
minor – незначительный, второстепенный меньший из двух
major – большой, более важный; главный, старший
stride – большой шаг, большой успех
to make a fantastic stride – сделать фантастический шаг
experiment – эксперимент, опыт
above all – более того, сверх того
to retain – сохранять, поддерживать
ups and downs – взлеты и падения
particular Golden Ages – определенные (индивидуальные) золотые времена
teens = 13 to 19 (from 1913 to 1919)
to be at one’s peak – быть на вершине



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