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Топик Harry is ill.

Harry: Nora! Nora!

Nora: (coming into the room) Yes, what is it now, Harry?

Harry: Oh, there you are. Look here, Nora, I’m tired of lying here on my back with nothing to do. I hate doing nothing.

Nora: Don’t be silly, Harry. You’re got a temperature, and staying in bed is the only  sensible thing to do. Now just be quite, and stop preventing me from doing my housework.

Harry: No, seriously, Nora. I can’t bear it. Lying flat on my back!

Nora: Well then, try lying on your stomach for a change!

Harry: Stop being funny. I’m going to get up. There! Look, I’m standing up, I’m quite all right. What’s the use of standing in bed?

Nora: I think you’re being very silly. You’ll only make your temperature go up again.

Harry: It’s no use talking, Nora – being ill doesn’t suit me.

Nora: No – and trying to nurse you doesn’t suit me!

Harry: Now don’t be bitter about it. You know I’m grateful to you for looking after me. But you mustn’t try to keep me in bed like a naughty boy.

Nora: Well, you began it, by behaving like a naughty boy!

Harry: I’m all against this staying in bed for no reason.

Nora: Harry, being ill is a reason… Now don’t stand by that window and catch another cold… Let me see, half past eleven.

Harry: Why do you keep looking at the clock?

Nora: I’m expecting Mother – she’s coming over for the day.

Harry: Good heavens, I didn’t know that.

Nora: Yes, I think she has something she wants to talk to you about.

Harry: Oh heavens! Has she? (groans) Oh… You know, Nora, I do feel a bit ill; perhaps I’d better get back to bed.

Nora: (disingenously) Oh, what a pity! I thought perhaps you might stay up to see her.

Harry: (to himself) That’s the very reason I’m getting back into bed!

Nora: What did you stay?

Harry: Oh, er-nothing.
(from “A Bridge to a Spoken English”)

Список слов к топику Harry is ill

with nothing to do – ничего не делая
for a change – для разнообразия
silly – глупый
to suit smb. – подходить, быть к лицу кому-либо
to be grateful to smb. – быть благодарным кому-либо
naughty boy – непослушный мальчик
for no reason – без причины

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