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Топик At the Doctor.

At the Doctor
(Medicine and Health)

“Medicines are not meant to live on”, an English proverb says. There is no denying the fact, we can only add that good health is better than the best medicine. And if your health is good, you are always in a good mood. You have “A sound mind in a sound body”, as the old Latin saying goes. Taking medicines is an unpleasant thing, of course, and if you want to avoid it, you should keep yourself fit. There is no doubt, if a person doesn’t take exercises, he can easily catch an illness. Certainly the progress of science is a wonderful thing, and I want to speak about the achievements of medical science. A hundred years ago there was no medicine for diphtheria, measles, scarlet fever, whooping-cough and other infectious diseases.

A lot of people suffered from pain and nobody could help them. But nowadays the situation has changed and our medicine has succeeded in treating patients for contagious diseases. You can always go and see a doctor, and you are sure he will examine you and give an advice. And if you have to have an operation he will send you to a hospital where they have all the necessary equipment.

If your teeth need attention, filling or extracting, or if you need false teeth, then you go to the dentist.

If your eyes need attention, you go to the oculist, who will examine them, test your sight to see whether you are suffering from short-sight or long-sight, and will write out a prescription, which you take to an optician, who will then make the necessary glasses for you.

Once my friend came to school (University) as usual, but in two hours his unusual paleness attracted attention of his fellows. It was obvious that something was wrong with him. We advised him not to risk his health and see a doctor at once.

The doctor asked my friend what was the matter with him. My friend complained of a headache and sore throat. He took his temperature, and it proved to be high. Having examined my friend, the doctor found he had a bad cold, wrote out a prescription and told him to go home and stay in bed to avoid complications. My friend followed the doctor’s instructions and in a week he felt much better and the doctor said he had fully recovered.

Список слов к топику

medicine – медицина, лекарство
to be in a good (bad) mood – быть в хорошем (плохом) настроении
a sound mind in a sound body – в здоровом теле здоровый дух
to avoid – избегать, уклоняться
to catch an illness – заболеть
diphtheria – дифтерия
measles – корь
scarlet fever – скарлатина
whooping cough – коклюш
infectious – инфекционный
disease – болезнь
to succeed in treating patients for contagious diseases – преуспевать в лечении больных заразными болезнями
advice – совет
hospital – больница
equipment – оборудование, оснащение
false teeth – вставные зубы
dentist – стоматолог
oculist – окулист
short-sight – близорукость
long-sight – дальнозоркость
to write out a prescription – прописать (выписать) рецепт
optician – оптик
glasses – очки
paleness – бледность
to attract the attention of smb. – привлекать чье-то внимание
to advise – советовать
to complain – жаловаться
headache – головная боль
sore throat – больное горло
to take one’s temperature – измерить температуру
to have a cold – простудиться
to stay in bed – лежать в постели
complications – осложнения
to follow smb’s instructions – следовать рекомендациям
to feel much better – чувствовать значительно лучше
to recover – выздоравливать, поправиться

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