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Главная / Топики / О себе /Топик about myself

Топик about myself.

Before I start talking about my family let me introduce myself. I am [your name]. I am [your age]. I have left school this year (last year). I was born in [your city].

And now I am going to tell you about my family. We are a family of five. We are a small and friendly family. And we are happy to be living together and are getting on all right.

To begin with, I am going to talk first about my father. His name is Sergey. He is 45. He works as a surgeon in a hospital. He is neither, nor young. He is a good-looking man, handsome, rather thin with dark brown hair just beginning to go grey. He is a very sociable person. What I don’t like about my dad is that he is always busy. Very often he works overtime. He is a bread-maker in our family. He is fond of going to the country on week-ends, because he enjoys working in the garden.

My mother’s name is Anna. She is three years younger than my father. She works as a teacher at a nursery school. My mother is rather slim and pretty, she is always elegant and smart. In short, she is a pleasant-looking woman of about 40. She always has a lot of work to do both at work and about the house. She is fond of her work and spends a lot of time there. But she has to cook the food for all the family at home. Shopping and cooking is nearly half a day’s work for her. But my granny and I are in habit of helping her about the house.

Alex is my elder brother. He is six years senior to me. So he is 23 already. He has graduated from the University and he is an economist by profession now. Alex is married. His wife is a journalist. They are three in the family. They have got a child, my nephew. It is a lovely little boy of two with golden hair and dark brown eyes and a spirit that is always bright and happy, full of joy and gaiety.
And finally a few words about my granny. To tell you the truth, she is my best friend. She always listens to my endless stories about my friends and my school life. She is retired on pension now but in her youth and her older age she worked as a teacher in a school. I must admit, she is a very understanding person.

Put it into a few words, we are a united and friendly family.



Список слов к топику about myself.

To introduce oneself – представлять кого-то, знакомиться
To leave school – заканчивать школу
To graduate from the University – заканчивать университет
A surgeon – хирург
Handsome – красивый (о мужчине)
Sociable – общительный
To work overtime – работать сверхурочно
A bread-maker – кормилец
To be fond of – нравиться, любить
Slim – стройный, изящный
Pretty – хорошенькая, симпатичная (о женщине)
Elegant – элегантный
Smart -  хорошо одетый, модный, изящный
To be in (to have) a habit of doing smth. – иметь привычку (обыкновение) чем-то заниматься
Senior – старший, старше
Junior – младший
To be married – быть женатым (замужем)
Nephew – племянник
Gaiety – веселость
Endless – нескончаемый
To be retired on pension – находиться на пенсии


Relatives by birth:

A family – семья
Parents – родители
A mother (mum) – мать (мама)
A father (dad) – отец (папа)
A son – сын
A daughter – дочь
A sister – сестра
A brother – брат
A grandfather – дедушка
A grandmother – бабушка
A great-grandfather – прадедушка
A great-mother – прабабушка
A grandson – внук
A granddaughter – внучка
Grandparents – бабушка и дедушка
Grandchildren – внуки
An uncle – дядя
An aunt – тетя
A nephew – племянник
A niece – племянница
A cousin – двоюродный брат (-ая сестра)


Relatives by marriage

A husband – муж
A wife – жена
A father-in-law – тесть, свекор
A mother-in-law – теща, свекровь
A son-in-law – зять (муж дочери)
A daughter-in-law – невестка (жена сына)
A brother-in-law – деверь (муж сестры)
A sister-in-law – золовка (жена брата)
A stepfather – отчим
A stepmother – мачеха
An adopted child – приемный ребенок
An orphan – сирота
A widower – вдовец
A widow – вдова
Twins – близнецы
To be married – быть женатым (замужем)
To get married – жениться (выходить замуж)
divorce – развод, разведенный
Divorcee – разведенная
Single – холост, не замужем
Descendant – потомок
Direct descendant – прямой потомок
Hereditary – потомственный, традиционный в семье
Heir – наследник
Progeny – поколение, потомство
Relatives – родственники
(one’s flesh and blood – родственник)



Additional Words and Expressions:

What’s your name - Как Вас зовут?
What’s your first name - Как Вас зовут?

What’s your surname? - Как Ваша фамилия
What’s your last name     -      Как Ваша фамилия ?

What are you? – Кто Вы (по профессии)?

What’s your occupation? – Чем Вы занимаетесь?

How old are you? – Сколько Вам лем?

When were you born? – Когда Вы родились?

I was born on the 30th of May, 1986 – Я родилась 30 мая 1986 года.

Have you any sisters or brothers? – У Вас есть братья или сестры?

Is your (sister, brother) younger or elder than you? – Ваша (сестра, брат) младше или старше Вас?

I am the only child in the family – Я единый ребенок в семье.

I have neither brother nor sister – У меня нет ни брата, ни сестры

What does he (she) look like? – Как он (она) выглядит?

He is handsome. – Он красивый (о мужчине)

She is beautiful.- Она красивая (о женщине)

She is pretty (charming) – Она хорошенькая, симпатичная.

She is like her mother (father) – Она похожа на свою мать (своего отца)

She (he) has a noble look – у нее благородный вид.

She (he) looks like her (his)    father (mother) – Она (он) похож (-а) на своего (свою) отца (мать)

They look like – Они похожи друг с друга.

She (he) is so unique – Она (он) неповторима

She (he) is so tactful – Она (он) так тактична (тактичен)

Her (his) charm is irresistible – Ее (его) обаяние неотразимо.

She (he) is energetic – энергичная (ый)

Sharp-minded – смышленая

Emotionally stable – эмоционально уравновешенная (ый)

She (he) is ….

Aggressive – агрессивная (ый)

Generous – щедрая (ая)

Talented – талантливая (ый)

Sensitive – чувствительная (ый)

Good-hearted – добросердечная (ый)

Simple – hearted – простодушная (ый)

Empty-headed – пустоголовая (ый)

Cheerful – веселая (ый)

Intelligent – умная (ый)

Educated – образованная (ый)

Awkward – неуклюжая (ый)

Shy – застенчивая (ый)

Easy-going -  покладистая (ый)

Brave – храбрая (ый)

Stubborn – упрямая (ый)

Envious – завистливая (ый)

Sophisticated – с утонченным вкусом

Where are you from? -  Откуда Вы родом?

What country are you from?

What is your nationality? – Кто Вы по национальности?

I am Ukrainian (Russian, English, American) – Я украинка (русская, англичанка, американка)

Is your family large (small)? – У Вас большая (маленькая) семья?

How many persons are there in your family? – Из скольких человек состоит Ваша семья?

We are a family of four – Наша семья состоит из четырех

Are you related to her? – Она Ваша родственница?

What is your address? – Какой у Вас адрес?

What is your phone number? – Какой у Вас номер телефона?

What are your hobbies? – Какие у Вас хобби?

What do you enjoy most? – Что Вы любите больше всего?

I am a loner. I don’t like a noisy crowd. – Я люблю одиночество. Я не люблю шумную толпу.

What kind of education did you get? – Какое Вы получили образование?

Did you get a diploma (certificate)? – Вы получили диплом (сертификат)?

What is your favorite subject?Какой у Вас любимый предмет?

Are you doing well? – Вы хорошо учитесь?

When did you leave school? – Когда Вы закончили школу?

What are you going to be? – Кем Вы хотите стать?

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