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“опик My school

As we become older we realize that there are some essential things and places we always long to come back to. They are certainly our birthplace, our home and the school we went to. We will always be indebted to our teachers for the rest of our lives.

I went to one and the same school for eleven years. I started schooling at the age of 6 and left it when I was 17. My school was a three-storied building in one of the residential districts of our city. All the children from our neighborhood went there because it was a walking distance from their homes. It usually took me ten minutes to get there. As all pupils of our school I went there five times a week. Our classes started at 8:30 a.m. and lasted till 3 p.m. So we usually had six lessons a day.
††† †
The school was built 20 years ago, it was quite a modern building. There was a sports ground behind the school-building and a green lawn with flower beds in front of it. So IТll take you round the school.

†††† The ground floor as in most schools is for junior pupils. Its classrooms are light and spacious. There are three large windows in each classroom with flower pots on the windows sills. There are a lot of portraits, pictures and maps on the walls. All the windows face the school yard. There are always so much noise during the breaks on the ground floor. Besides, there is a gymnasium here where we have physical training lessons and all sorts of competitions, and the pupils are always welcomed here. On the first and second floors there are many classrooms, laboratories, specialized rooms, workshops. They are equipped with modern teaching materials, necessary devices and facilities. The senior pupils study various subjects there: mathematics, physics, chemistry, programming, biology, geography, computer science, English and other educational subjects, Besides, there is a library and a reading room full of books and magazines. Opposite the library there is a school canteen where pupils can have a bite during the breaks. If you further go to the third floor you can see an assembly hall, where parties and meetings are held. The pupils decorate it for special occasions to make it look more attractive. Besides, there are two rows of ordinary classrooms, where we have lessons in language, literature, history and other humanities.
My favorite subject at school was certainly English. I did well in this subject without any effort. Mathematics and physics were most difficult for me, but I tried to do my best to cope with doing my home assignments in these subjects. By the way, our English lessons were always interesting and instructive, and I think my favorite subject is really worth studying.
So hard as it was school was a very good and unforgettable time in my life.



—писок слов к топику My school

essential Ц главный, основной
to long to do Ц страстно желать
birthplace Ц место рождени€
to be indebted to smb. Ц быть в долгу перед кем-либо
for the rest of oneТs life Ц до конца жизни
from the neighborhood Ц из окрестностей
residential district Ц жилой район
to be a walking distance from Ц можно дойти пешком
sports ground Ц спортивна€ площадка
flower bed Ц клумба
junior pupils Ц учащиес€ младших классов
spacious Ц просторный
window sill Ц подоконник
to face Ц выходить на
gymnasium Ц спортивный зал
laboratory Ц лаборатори€
specialized room Ц учебный кабинет
workshop Ц мастерска€
device Ц прибор
facility Ц оборудование
senior Ц старший
mathematics Ц математика
physics Ц физика
chemistry Ц хими€
programming Ц программирование
biology Ц биологи€
geography Ц географи€
computer science Ц информатика
canteen Ц столова€
to have a bite Ц перекусить
assembly hall Ц актовый зал
to decorate Ц украшать
occasion Ц случай, возможность
ordinary Ц обычный, привычный, простой
literature Ц литература
history Ц истори€
humanities Ц гуманитарные науки
to do well Ц хорошо учитьс€
to cope with Ц справитьс€
home assignments Ц домашнее задание
instructive Ц поучительный, инструктивный
unforgettable Ц незабываемый


Supplementary Word List and Word Combinations

School. Ўкола.
secondary school Ц средн€€ школа
nursery (infant) school Ц младша€ школа (с 5 до 7 лет)
primary school Ц начальна€ школа (с 7 до 10 лет)
school specializing in English Ц школа с углубленным изучением английского €зыка
boarding school Ц школа-интернат
vocational school Ц профессионально-техническое училище
specialized technical school Ц техникум
to go to school Ц учитьс€ в школе
to be at school Ц учитьс€ вместе в школе
to leave school Ц заканчивать школу
school leaver Ц выпускник
school-leaving certificate Ц аттестат зрелости
graduation Ц выпуск
school leaver, school graduate Ц выпускник школы
subject Ц школьный предмет
key (main) subject Ц основной предмет
general subject Ц общий предмет
compulsory subject Ц об€зательный предмет
subsidiary subject Ц необ€зательный предмет (факультатив)
term Ц четверть, семестр
time-table Ц расписание уроков
school uniform Ц школьна€ форма
an academic year Ц учебный год
to enroll in school, to admit to school Ц принимать в школу
enrollment in school Ц прием в школу
to attend school Ц посещать школу
attendance Ц посещаемость
staff (eng.), faculty (am.) Ц педагогический коллектив
headmaster Ц директор школы
staff head Ц завуч
staff meeting Ц педагогический совет
regional teachersТ conference Ц районное совещание учителей
parent-teachersТ association Ц родительский комитет
teaching service; teaching experience Ц педагогический стаж
repeater Ц второгодник
to repeat the year Ц остатьс€ на второй год
transfer from one school to another Ц переход из одной школы в другую
network of schools Ц сеть школ
school activities Ц работа в школе
classroom activities Ц работа в классе
social activities Ц общественна€ де€тельность
practical and aesthetic activity (studies) Ц трудовое и эстетическое воспитание
extra-curricular activities Ц внеклассна€ работа
out-of-school activities Ц внеклассна€ де€тельность
curriculum Ц учебна€ программа
instruction Ц обучение
to give instruction in smth. Ц обучать чему-либо
holidays Ц каникулы


Further (Higher) Education. ¬ысшее образование.

University Ц университет
Medical University Ц медицинский университет
Pedagogical University Ц педагогический университет
the humanities Ц гуманитарные науки
the natural sciences Ц естественные науки
the technical sciences Ц технические науки
faculty Ц факультет
department Ц кафедра, отделение
year Ц курс (год обучени€)
first-year student (freshman Ц am.) Ц студент 1-го курса
second-year student (sophomore Ц am.) Ц студент 2-го курса
third-year student (junior Ц am.) Ц студент 3-го курса
forth-year student (senior Ц am.) Ц студент 4-го курса
full time department Ц дневное отделение
part-time department Ц вечернее отделение
correspondence department Ц заочное отделение
philology Ц филологи€
philosophy Ц философи€
ecology Ц экологи€
economics Ц экономика
research Ц исследование
scientific super-visor (advisor) Ц научный руководитель
higher degree Ц учетна€ степень
scientist Ц ученый
doctor Ц доктор наук
candidate of sciences Ц кандидат наук
thesis Ц дессертаци€
term, semester Ц семестр
session examinations (sessions) Ц экзаменационна€ сесси€
essay project Ц курсова€ работа
test-credit Ц зачет
graduation project Ц дипломна€ работа
to enter the University Ц поступать в университет
rector Ц ректор
vice-rector Ц проректор
dean Ц декан
head of department Ц заведующий кафедрой
professor Ц профессор
reader (principal lecturer) Ц доцент
junior lecturer (assistant lecturer) Ц ассистент
senior lecturer Ц старший преподаватель
tutor Ц преподаватель, наставник
student Ц студент
course member Ц слушатель курсов
University graduate Ц выпускник университета
to graduate from the University Ц закончить университет
tuition Ц обучение
tuition fee Ц плата за обучение
scholarship, grants Ц стипенди€
vacation Ц студенческие каникулы
on vacation Ц на каникулах

Examinations. Ёкзамены.

entrance examination (exam) Ц вступительный экзамен
final examination Ц выпускной экзамен
to sit for an exam (to take an exam) Ц сдавать экзамен
to give (set) an exam Ц принимать экзамен
re-examination Ц пересдача экзамена
to fail in exam Ц не сдать экзамен, Ђпровалитьс€ї
to pass an examination with distinction Ц сдать экзамен с отличием
to go through oneТs exam (to do well at an exam) Ц успешно сдать экзамен
to pass an exam Ц сдать экзамен
end-of-exam Ц экзамен в конце семестра
ordinary leave examinations Ц выпускные экзамены на обычном уровне
selective examinations Ц отборочные экзамены

Education. ќбразование.

universal secondary compulsory education Ц всеобщее об€зательное среднее образование
full-time education Ц образование с отрывом от производства
part-time education Ц образование без отрыва от производства
primary (elementary) education Ц начальное образование
vocational education Ц профессионально-техническое образование
all-round education Ц всестороннее образование
system of public education Ц система народного образовани€
free education Ц бесплатное образование
nursery education Ц дошкольное образование
educational opportunities Ц возможность получить образование

Additional Expressions.

Are you a pupil (student)? Ц ¬ы ученик (студент)?

What school (college, University) do you study at? Ц ¬ какой школе (колледже, университете) ¬ы учитесь?

Where is it situated? Ц √де она находитс€?

It is in the centre of the town (in one of the residential districts). Ц ќна находитс€ в центре города (в одном из жилых кварталов).

What form are you in? Ц ¬ каком ¬ы классе?

I am in the tenth form. Ц я в дес€том классе.

What year are you in? Ц Ќа каком ¬ы курсе?

I am in the First (second, etc.) year Ц я на первом (втором и т.д.) курсе.

I major in English Ц ћой профилирующий предмет Ц английский €зык

√лавна€ / “опики / ќбразование /“опик My school

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