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Топик Hire-Purchase.

The system of buying goods became very common during the twentieth century. Today a large proportion of all the families in Great Britain buy furniture, household goods and cars by hire-purchase. In the USA, the proportion is much higher than in Great Britain, and people there spend over 10 per cent of their income on hire-purchase installments.

The goods bought by hire-purchase are, in almost every case, goods that will last – radio and television sets, washing-machines, refrigerators, motor-cars and motor-cycles, and articles of furniture.

The price of an article bought in this way is always higher that the price that would be paid for cash. There is a charge for interest. The buyer, pays a proportion, perhaps one-third, of the price when the goods are delivered to him. He then makes regular payments, weekly or monthly, until the full price has been paid. The legal ownership of the goods remains with the seller until the final payment has been made. Hire-purchase has advantages and disadvantages. It helps newly-married couple with small incomes to furnish their homes. It increases the demand for goods, and in this way helps trade and employment. If families are paying each month installments on such household goods as a washing-machine and a harmful ways, for example, on too much alcoholic drink.

There is? However, the danger that when trade is bad, hire-purchase buying may end suddenly and make trade much worth, with, as a result, a great increase in unemployment. This is why, in some countries, the Government controls hire-purchase by fixing the proportion of the first payments and the installments.
(from A.S. Hornby)


Список слов к топику Hire-Purchase.

hire-purchase – особый вид покупки товара в рассрочку
income – периодический доход, приход
installment – очередной взнос
to pay by installments – выплачивать частями, периодическими взносами
in almost every case – почти в каждом случае
brought in this way – купленные таким способом
charge – плата, расходы, издержки, налог
to deliver – доставлять, сдавать
payment – уплата, платеж, плата
ownership of the goods – владение товарами
the final payment – последний платеж
to have an advantage (of, over) – иметь преимущество (над)
newly-married couples – молодожены
to finish homes – обставлять мебелью
to increase – возрастать, увеличиваться, расти
trade – торговля
as a result – в результате, как результат
unemployment – безработица


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