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Топик праздники в США - American Holidays

Independence Day. Fourth of July is the American nation’s birthday. It honors the day in 1776 when the Declaration of Independence, which cut the tie with England and established the United States of America, was adopted.

On that memorable day the Liberty Bell called the people of Philadelphia (the capital) to the State House to hear the Declaration of Independence read out. Communities, large and small, celebrated the day with speeches, parades and fireworks.

Each city and town now organizes its own ceremony – a parade, speeches by public officials, guided tours through historic monuments, outdoor stage shows, boat-races and evening fireworks displays. Families, clubs and civic organizations, all hold daylong picnics. There are baseball games, water-melon eating contests, folk dancing, and lots of lively music.
Labour Day
. Labour Day was first celebrated in 1882. On September 5th of that year the first Labour Day parade was held in New York City. After a mass meeting in Union Square 200,000 cheering and singing workers marched up Broadway with banners that read: “Eight hours for work; eight hours for rest; eight hours for recreation!””Labour creates all wealth”.

In 1894 the Congress of the United States made it a national holiday. Labour Day is observed on the first Monday in September.

Memorial Day.
Memorial Day is observed in May 30th. It is also known as Decoration Day. Its origins go back to 1868 when the Commander-in-Chief of the Grand Army of the Republic issued an order to decorate the graves of soldiers who fell in the Civil War. Now it is also the day for honoring the memory of members of the armed forces killed in war. Memorial Day is a legal holiday in most of the states and in territories and is also observed by the Armed Forces.
Thanksgiving Day.
Thanksgiving Day is celebrated only in the United States on the last Thursday in November. The day’s most important event is the traditional midday meal. Favourite thanksgiving food is turkey, pumpkin pie and other home-cooked specialties.

Thanksgiving was first celebrated in 1621 by English settles of the Plymouth colony. The Plymouth colony was founded in 1620 by English settlers who have come to be called Pilgrims. They left their native England and sailed to America on the “Mayflower”. After a two-month voyage they landed at what is now Plymouth, Massachusetts. During their first winter over half of the settlers died of hunger or from epidemics. But when April came the survivors began their planting, struggling with the rocky soil as they had struggled with the bitter climate. When, finally, the fields produced a rich harvest they decided to celebrate it. But it did not become an official holiday until 1863 when President Lincoln made his “Thanksgiving Proclamation”.

On Thanksgiving families always try to be together, especially for the wonderful meal.

Список слов к топику праздники в США - American Holidays

turkey – индейка
pumpkin – тыква
bitter – здесь: суровый


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