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Топик Leisure-Time Activities (My days off) and Holidays

On weekdays I usually go to school, but on my days off I prefer to rest. I think it is important for us to rest. I think it is important for us to rest after hard work. That’s why our weekends are more attractive than weekdays. At our leisure time we go in for sports, read books, go to the library, the cinema, the theatre, the park, the museum, the exhibition. Sometimes we go to the zoo or the circus and enjoy ourselves watching animals.

As a rule, we try to spend most of time outdoors. Some people prefer to go to the country to see their relatives and friends. In winter we like to go to the winter forest to ski and skate. After having such a pleasant rest in the open air, you are always happy to return home and have a rest sitting near the TV-set and watching an interesting an interesting TV programme. In summer and spring picnics are popular with schoolchildren and their parents.

They are fond of picnics chiefly because they have an excellent opportunity to admire the beauty of nature, to run on the grass and to play interesting games, to have a bite without observing table manners. But the most exciting event is making a fire. The children are fond of collecting wood in the forest and sitting round the fire. And again, they like to return home after a picnic. And now they think that “there is no place like home” as saying goes.
  Many people like to go to the cinema and theatre on weekends and holidays and enjoy seeing an interesting film or performance.
As for me, my days off are normally like this. I hate getting up early and on weekends I can afford to wake up later than usual. As a rule, I get up at 8 o’clock. Then I do my morning exercises, wash my face and hands and brush my teeth. After having breakfast I relax a little: listen to a lovely music and try to forget about all my problems. Then I can visit my friends and have a chat with them about our life.

Sometimes my friends and I go to the museum or art exhibition. As a rule, my activities on weekends depend on my plans, but in any case I manage to do a lot of things and to have a rest. I always try to do my best to have a really good time. But unfortunately time flies very quickly on weekends, and the next Monday morning comes, and I am looking forward to my next days off.

Список слов к топику
Time Activities (My days off) and Holidays

leisure – досуг, свободное время
at leisure – на досуге
to be attractive – быть привлекательным, притягательным
to go in for sports – заниматься спортом
to spend time outdoors – проводить время на открытом воздухе (вне дома)
to ski – кататься на коньках
to skate – кататься на коньках
to have a pleasant rest – приятно отдыхать
in the open air – на открытом воздухе
to rest – отдыхать
to have a rest – отдохнуть (немного)
picnic – пикник
 to be popular with – быть популярным среди
chiefly – главным образом
to have an excellent opportunity – иметь отличный удобный случай, отличную возможность
to admire – любоваться, сильно любить, преклоняться
beauty – красота
nature – природа
to run on the grass – бегать по траве
to play interesting games – играть в интересные игры
to have a bite – перекусить                                                                                   
without observing table manners – не соблюдая манер (правил) поведения за столом
to make a fire – развести костер
There is no place like home – В гостях хорошо, а дома лучше (пословица)
normally – обыкновенно
to afford – быть в состоянии, позволить себе
to depend on smb’s plans – зависеть от чьих-либо планов
in any case – любом случае
to try to do one’s best – пытаться делать все возможное
unfortunately – к несчастью
time flies quickly – время летит быстро
to be looking forward to – с нетерпением ожидать


Supplementary Word List

holidays – праздники, каникулы
to enjoy oneself – хорошо проводить время
to pick (gather) berries and mushrooms – собирать ягоды и грибы
to pick flowers – собирать цветы
to boat (to go boating) – кататься на лодке
to fish (to go fishing) – удить рыбу, ходить на рыбалку
to lie in the sun (to sunbathe) – загорать
a beach – пляж
on the beach – на пляже
sea – море
at the seaside – на море (на побережье)
on the seashore – на берегу моря
to bask in the sun -  греться на солнце
to swim – плавать
a holiday home – дом отдыха
a holiday-centre – место отдыха, пансионат
on the bank of a river – на берегу реки
on the shore of a sea – на берегу моря
a wood – лес (небольшой)
a forest – лес (лесной массив)


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