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Топик Travelling to England.

One of these days you may find it possible to visit England. From the moment you go on board the ship that is to take you to an English port, or the airliner that is to fly you to London, you will see signs and notices that will give you useful information and warnings.
Here are some examples and explanations that will help you.

If you come by air, you will see, when you take your seat in the plane, a notice that says: NO SMOKING; FASTEN SEAT-BELTS. Smoking is forbidden while the plane is on the ground, while it is taking off, and until it has risen to a good height. Fasten to the sides of your seat are two leather belts or straps. The ends of these must be fastened together so that the belt is across your lap.
When the plane is well up in the air, the light behind this notice is switched off. You are then allowed to smoke and may unfasten your seat-belt. The notice will appear again when the plane is about to touch down.

If you come by steamer, you will see numerous notices. There will perhaps be arrows to show you which parts of the ship are for first-class passengers and which parts are for tourists-class passengers. Large rooms in a ship are called saloons, so when you see DINING-SALOON you know where to go when it is time for lunch.

You may see a notice TO THE BOAT DECK. This is the deck where you will find the boats that can be lowered to the water if there is any danger of the ship sinking. On the boat deck you may see some steps going up to the bridge, where the ship’s officers are on duty. Here there will probably be a notice: PASSENGERS NOT ALLOWED ON THE BRIDGE.

When your steamer gets into harbor at Dover, or Harwich, or Southampton, or any of the other ports to which steamers sail, you will see more notices.

When you land, you will see a notice: TO THE CUSTOMS. When you enter the Customs shed the officer there will give you a printed notice. This will warn you that you must declare to the Customs officer the quantities of tobacco, cigars, cigarettes and alcoholic drinks that you have with you. Unless you are dishonest, the Customs officer will not keep you long. He will chalk your suitcases and bags, and you will pass on. There will be a notice telling you where your passport will be examined. Then you can follow the arrow that says, TO THE TRAINS, and you will soon be in the railway station where the train is waiting to take you to London.

There are many notices in a large railway station. You may see ENTRANCE and EXIT, or perhaps WAY IN and WAY OUT. In a large station there will be a WAITING ROOM where you may rest until it is time to board your train. If you want something to eat or drink while you are waiting, you will go to the REFRESHMENT ROOM.

If you do not know the number of the platform from which your train will leave, look for the notices of ARRIVALS AND DEPARTURES. These will tell you the number of the platform. In some stations it may be necessary to cross the line. You will probably see a notice, CROSS THE LINE BY THE BRIDGE. Perhaps you will see PLATFORMS 5,6,7, and 8 OVER THE BRIDGE.
(from A.S. Horhby)

Список слов к топику Travelling to England

warning – предупреждение, предостережение
explanations – объяснения
smoking is forbidden – купить запрещается
leather belts – кожаные ремни
quantity – количество


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