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Топик Sports People Play in the USA.

To most Americans, work is a necessary chore. According to a recent poll, Americans work longer hours and have 36% less leisure time today than they had 15 years ago, so they value the time away from their jobs. The choice of leisure time activities is enormous, and everybody can find something to enjoy.

Among the most popular leisure time activities are sports of every kind. It is said that the American pastime is baseball, but football, basketball, hockey, and, in more recent times, soccer are also very popular activities that Americans enjoy as spectators and/or participants.

Americans spend a lot of time and money on physical activities ranging from bowling to skiing. The object of these activities is not only enjoyment. Doctors have found that vigorous exercise keeps people feeling healthier and looking better. So Americans are working at maintaining or recapturing their youth and vigor.

In the spring and summer, neighborhood teams organized into leagues to complete in softball or baseball games, imaging that they are in Yankee Stadium playing for 40,000 cheering fans. In the cooler weather, basketball is popular, indoors or outdoors. Boys and young men also play football, just for fun, without the formality of yard markers, goal posts, padding, and officials. (American football is not the same game as European football which, in the USA, is called soccer).

Golf, one of the most popular participation sports, is played all year except when the ground is covered with snow. Since it is a relatively mild form of athletics, it can be played by people of all ages. Doctors highly recommend it for exercise and often practice what they preach. Americans joke about not getting sick on a Wednesday (the doctor’s traditional day off) because all the doctors are out on the golf course. Although the only equipment needed for golf is a set of clubs, some balls, and tees, the annual expenditure for golf equipment is more than $1 billion!

Another popular sport is bowling. It is estimated that 67 million people bowl in the United States. Many bowling leagues (groups of teams that compete against each other) are formed by members of organizations such as churches or charitable groups. Bowling is another game that is not too strenuous and can be played with a minimum investment in equipment.

Skiing attracts both individuals and families. It is especially popular among young, unmarried people who have the stamina and money and who expect to meet other attractive, successful singles on the slopes or in the lounges. Although it requires much more physical exertion, is not readily accessible to many Americans, and is more expensive than many other sports, about 15 million Americans participle. Those who do not live in mountainous areas can ski at local “mountains” artificially created and covered with artificial snow. Skiers with more time and money go to resorts with real mountains in places such as Aspen, Colorado. Many skiers go to Europe to the Alps – the ultimate challenge for serious skiers.

Tennis has become popular as a participation sport. It is played all year, either indoors or out, does not require much equipment, and provides good vigorous exercise. It is also an individual sport which provides plenty of competition at all levels of ability.

Some people get their exercise at health clubs, which have exercise equipment and, in some cases, indoor tennis and racquetball courts. Others join country clubs with golf courses and swimming pools. Those who want privacy equip their homes with exercise bicycles, treadmills, and weights to work out in their bedroom or family room. Walking, running, and jogging are also popular ways of keeping the body fit. Many Americans job a few miles before going to work in the morning, using jogging trails in parks or simply running around the block several times.
(from magazine “Time”)

Список слов к топику Sports People Play in the USA.

necessary chore – повседневное занятие
pastime – приятное времяпрепровождение, развлечение; игра
vigorous – сильный, мощный
just for fun – просто ради забавы
to preach – проповедовать
annual – годовой
to estimate – оценивать, составлять смету
to bowl – играть в кегли
strenuous – энергичный, напряженный
investment – инвестирование, помещение денег
stamina – запас жизненных сил
accessible – доступный
privacy – уединение, уединенность
physical exertion – физическая выдержка, выносливость
artificial snow – искусственный снег


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