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Past simple упражнения.

Упражнения 1. Перепишите следующий текст в про­шедшем времени.

On Monday we have five lessons. The first les­son is English. At this lesson we write a dictation and do some exercises. Nick goes to the blackboard.
He answers well and gets a "five". Pete does not get a "five" because he does not know his lesson. After the second lesson I go to the canteen. I eat a sandwich and drink a cup of tea. I do not drink milk. After school I do not go home at once. I go to the library and take a book. Then I go home.


Упражнения 2. Перепишите следующий текст в про­шедшем времени (что рассказала мама).

On Tuesday I get up at half past six. I go to the bathroom and wash my hands and face and clean my teeth. Then I dress, go to the kitchen and cook breakfast for my family. At half past seven my son gets up and has breakfast. I have breakfast with my son. My son eats a sandwich and drinks a cup of tea. I don't drink tea. I drink coffee. After Breakfast my son leaves home for school. I don't leave home with my son. On Tuesday I don't work in the morning. I work in the afternoon. In the evening I am at home. My husband and my son areat home, too. We rest in the evening. My son watch­es TV, my husband reads newspapers and I do some work about the house. At about eleven o'clock we go to bed.


Упражнения 3. Перепишите следующий текст в прошедшем времени.

Barry waked up when it was already quite light.  He looked at his watch. It was a quarter to seven. Quick! Barry jumped out of bed and ran to the bath-room. He had just time to take a cold shower and I drank a glass of tea with bread and butter. He was in a hurry to catch the eight o'clock train. At the railway station he met three other boys from his group. They all had small backpacks and fishing-rods. In less than an hour they got off the train at a small station near a wood. They walked very quickly and soon found themselves on the shore of a large lake. The boys spent the whole day there fishing, boating and swimming. They returned home late at night, tired but happy.



Упражнения 4. Раскройте скобки, употребляя глаголы в Present или Past Simple.

1. I (to go) to the gym at seven o'clock every day.

2. I (to go) to the gym at seven o'clock yesterday.

3. John (to clean) his teeth every morning at 7.30 o’clock.

4. Yesterday John (to clean) his teeth at a half past seven in the morning.

5. Jane (not to do) English exercises every day.

6. Jane (not to do) English exercises yesterday.

7. His brother (to drink) coffee with milk every day.

8. His brother (to drink) coffee with milk yesterday.

9. Her husband (to like) his job. He (to go) to his office by bus. He (to go) to the office at 9 am every day.

10. Her husband usually (to go) to his office by bus. He (to come) to the office at 9.30 am yesterday.


Упражнения 5. Раскройте скобки, употребляя глаголы в Present или Past Simple.

1. I (to study) English every day.

2. You (to come) to my place yesterday?

3. He (to live) in Dubai.

4. How long it (to take) you to get to the City Mall?

5. What you (to study) every Friday?

6. We (to have) dinner with my family yesterday.

7. His computer (to be) ready yesterday.

8. My friend (to like) running in the park every morning.

9. Their family (to invite) everybody to the party last week.

10. Jesse always (to come) to work early.





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